re re-partition Kubuntu 3-partitions on 40gb

Nils Kassube kassube at
Mon Dec 29 11:04:50 UTC 2008

Ray Burke wrote:
> I'm not sure I understand - did it partially boot but want you to
> manually fsck the root partition? NO onlly the Kubuntu plash screen
> showed once then back to dos scipting and Yes manually

Kubuntu splash screen is what I would call partially booted. And what you 
call "back to dos scripting" is probably the shell login prompt or a root 
shell. If it is a login prompt you could login with your username and 
password and then use the command "sudo su" to get a root shell. If it is 
a root shell already you could skip that step.

Then you could try the command

fsck /dev/sdb1

where I took the device name /dev/sdb1 from one of your previous mails. 
Maybe you have to replace the device name if it is another device. 
Probably fsck will ask many questions if it should fix specific errors. 
When I had a similar situation many years ago I always let it fix the 
error and finally the file system worked again. However I don't know if 
that will help in your situation especially because I don't know what 
error message there was.

> > PS I have clonned the corrupt new k from my old k(lucky I done a
> > copy)> but this time using paragon drive copy 8 while in my xp pro as
> > not even> sure when I conned a backup thru ghost3 it worked?????? The
> > clonned copy thru Paragon drive copy 8 worked as I booted from the
> > clone and
> it booted up, so now I will try the gparted on the ubuntu live cd and
> let you know what happens OK??????

I don't think gparted will help if there is really a problem where you 
should run fsck manually. But of course you can try it.


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