re re-partition Kubuntu 3-partitions on 40gb

Nils Kassube kassube at
Fri Dec 26 21:05:02 UTC 2008

Ray Burke wrote:
> I did that and had a problem, as it said was performing 1 of the 2
> tasks 1/ reducing the 29gb sdbe to 20gb and after 3 hours came back
> with error 2/ enlarging the 8bg sdbe to 19gg, but did not even start
> cause of above error.

Oh, that's not good to read. I hope there was nothing lost. Now the 
question is what the error was. Did you have enough free space, i.e. was 
there less than 20GB of data on the (originally) 29GB partition? Can you  
access the partition from the LiveCD? Maybe you need to reboot (with the 
LiveCD) to read the modified partition table. I'm not sure it does that 
automatically if there was an error.

I could imagine that Ubuntu tried to automatically mount the partitions of 
the disk after resizing the first one and gparted refused to continue 
while the partition for the next operation was mounted. If that is the 
case, you could just resize the second partition after unmounting it.

> am I supposed to in thew terminal type sudo swapoff -a or thru drop
> down menu of the 40gb disc, click swapoff,

Either way. Gparted wouldn't let you modify the space of the partition if 
it is in use as swap space.

> and when finished do I turn 
> the swapon???????

When finished you can turn swap on again, but it isn't necessary if you 
don't want to use the LiveCD any longer.

> print,and does
> not say anythink about swapoff??????

Well, on one of the pages it says this:

| After assuring that the /swap partition is unmounted,

Actually it doesn't tell you _how_ to unmount the swap partition but you 
have to do it.


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