re re-partition Kubuntu 3-partitions on 40gb

Ray Burke rayburke30 at
Fri Dec 26 19:37:20 UTC 2008

I did that and had a problem, as it said was performing 1 of the 2 tasks
1/ reducing the 29gb sdbe to 20gb and after 3 hours came back with error
2/ enlarging the 8bg sdbe to 19gg, but did not even start cause of above error.
am I supposed to in thew terminal type sudo swapoff -a or thru drop down menu of the
40gb disc, click swapoff, and when finished do I turn the swapon???????
PS I got  some printouts form print,and does not say anythink about swapoff??????
> From: kassube at> To: kubuntu-users at> Subject: Re: re re-partition Kubuntu 3-partitions on 40gb> Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 22:17:37 +0100> > Ray Burke wrote:> > I don't quite understand, you mean just connect singularly my 40gb> > Kubuntu and reboot with a Ubuntu live cd, and when its loaded as trial> > then go to a terminal window and type sudo swapoff -ato turn off, then> > what??????????> > Reboot with the Ubuntu LiveCD. Open a terminal and type "sudo swapoff -a". > Start gparted either from the menu or with the command "gksu gparted" at > the terminal.> > Sorry, I don't have a spare disk to play with, so the following > description is from memory. Select the disk you want to modify (if there > are several disks in your machine). Then you can click on the bars which > depict the individual partitons and move the margin of the bar with the > mouse or enter new numbers for the space of the partition and the free > space before / after the partition. Finally apply the changes by clicking > on the appropriate button or select apply from one of the menues.> > > Nils> > -- > kubuntu-users mailing list> kubuntu-users at> Modify settings or unsubscribe at:
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