Uninstalling Kubuntu 8.10

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at mail.ee
Thu Dec 25 18:06:14 UTC 2008

>> I am very new to Linux.
>> I succeeded in installing my first ever Linux OS : Kubuntu 8.10 by Live USB
>> while having Win XP as the other platform.
>> I wish to migrate to Ubuntu Studio.
>> Can i get a guide on how to uninstall Kubuntu 8.10 ?
>> Thank you.
> Ask, just back up your files and install Ubuntu Studio to the
> partition where Kubuntu is. An OS is not uninstalled like an
> application is. The way to remove an OS is to format the partition in
> which is resides. Installing another OS to that partition will do
> that.
> Again, I stress, back up your important files!

Exactly - just backup your important data and boot from the Ubuntu Studio CD (or DVD) and choose the 
same mount points and mark the format checkbox. Swap partition will not be formatted and it's OK. 
Then follow the instructions on screen. That's it!

Some guides:
http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntustudio_7.04 - with screenshots and passes also newer versions

more guides - http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+studio+install

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