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John L Fjellstad john-ubuntu at
Tue Dec 23 07:47:46 UTC 2008

Art Alexion <art.alexion at> writes:

> On Monday 22 December 2008 12:24:50 John L Fjellstad wrote:
>> So, you compain that you have never read a complaint about konqueror
>> as a file manager, I send you a list of people complaining of
>> konqueror as a file manager, so you dismiss the list?  Right...
> Well you couldn't possibly have read the links before posting them or
> you wouldn't have posted them.

I did. And the point was that people has been complaining about, even
though you claimed you never read anybody complaining about Konqueror as
a file manager.  But then, if you are going to just dismiss the
complaints, well...

> Yes, and my point is that if you can't afford scientific market
> research, you have to use tools, and that is to analyze the complaints
> according to coherence and reputation of the complainer.

What reputation?  We're talking about the Internet.  Now, someone like
Art and Derek might be known here, but they are probably just a random
guy on the KDE lists.  Now, I personally am waiting for a call from
President-elect Obama to help him with the economic crisis, especially
since I've posted on the Economist forums, which make me eminently
qualified to give an opinion, but that's because I'm an arrogant bastard.

> It may have been you who correctly pointed out that a lot of noise
> could come from very few people.  There is nothing less accurate than
> an internet poll.  So you do what you do with every other judgment you
> make; you do your best to consider the quality of the opinions.
> For example, I subscribe to a jazz list.  There are people on the list
> who have introduced me to many gems, and whose tastes are similar to
> mine.  There are others whose past recommendations caused me brain
> pain.  In that sense, it isn't how many, but who is saying it.
> Likewise, someone I don't know is putting their recommendation in a
> context that I know I like, while others make positive comparisons to
> stuff I don't like.  As people, we make these informed judgments all
> the time.

I agree.  And I might listen to you and Derek and Knapp more than
someone who just pop in here and give an opinion and disappear. But then
again, I hang out here (even though I don't post much) so I 'know' you
guys from your posts.  A developer is probably hanging out at their
developer and user lists (say KDE-developer and KDE-user or whatever),
and might get a link to some random user lists where my name shows
up. At that point, my opnion doesn't rank any higher than any other Joe
Random poster.

BTW. Happy Holidays everybody :-)

John L. Fjellstad
web:          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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