Kmenu and KDE4

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Mon Dec 22 21:22:29 UTC 2008

On Monday 22 December 2008 12:24:50 John L Fjellstad wrote:
> So, you compain that you have never read a complaint about konqueror as
> a file manager, I send you a list of people complaining of konqueror as
> a file manager, so you dismiss the list?  Right...

Well you couldn't possibly have read the links before posting them or you 
wouldn't have posted them.

> My point is, if you're a developer, and you hear about these complaints
> year in and year out, sooner or later you either give up or think your
> code suck. So, you make the change that the complainers complain about
> (because most people who are happy with the solution probably won't be
> piping up), and then you get new complaints because you made the change
> that you got the feeling people requested in the first place.  

Yes, and my point is that if you can't afford scientific market research, you 
have to use tools, and that is to analyze the complaints according to 
coherence and reputation of the complainer.

It may have been you who correctly pointed out that a lot of noise could come 
from very few people.  There is nothing less accurate than an internet poll.  
So you do what you do with every other judgment you make; you do your best to 
consider the quality of the opinions.

For example, I subscribe to a jazz list.  There are people on the list who 
have introduced me to many gems, and whose tastes are similar to mine.  There 
are others whose past recommendations caused me brain pain.  In that sense, 
it isn't how many, but who is saying it.  Likewise, someone I don't know is 
putting their recommendation in a context that I know I like, while others 
make positive comparisons to stuff I don't like.  As people, we make these 
informed judgments all the time.

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