Installing KDE4

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at
Mon Dec 22 15:12:08 GMT 2008

I've tried to install the latest version of KDE4 (at least, I presume
the latest versions are on the mirrors).  The live disk runs OK, but
when I try to install it from the live disk, the install freezes on a
black screen.  I have an amd64 processor in my computer and I've tried
both 64bit and 32bit versions with the same result.

I have tried downloading different files on different days, tried
burning them at different speeds, and tried both CDs and DVDs (in case
that makes a difference) with no effect.

I have only 256mb of ram on this machine, which may be the problem: I'm
planning on fixing this when the Christmas holidays are over, but I
can't find on the webpage exactly what level of ram I need - but Ubuntu
runs on 256mb ram, so do I *need* more ram to run KDE?

Any advice or help would be gratefully received...

Graham Todd

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