KMail, "Smart Quoting" stopped working

Glenn R Williams gloonie at
Wed Dec 17 13:30:24 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 17 December 2008 07:26:26 Byron Campbell wrote:
> Kmail 1.10.3, in KDE 4.1.3 (Kubuntu 8.10)
> Kmail's "smart quoting" when replying to mail stopped functioning.
> Now, when replaying to mail, the composer window opens as a blank
> page as if smart quoting is turned off, which it isn't.
> Double checking the settings in:
> KMail > Settings > Configure Kmail > Composer > General > Use Smart
> Quoting
> Use Smart Quoting remains checked. I tried un-checking, Applying,
> Ok'ing, then going back in and checking it again, and Applying, and
> Ok'ing etc. but no joy.
> Any ideas on how to get KMail's message quoting back to working? -->
> Maybe dump a config file somewhere and reentering all my KMail account
> settings from scratch?
> Byron


I had a similar thing when I added a new Identity. I instructed Kmail to copy 
an existing identity. But somehow it didn't copy the templates over. This is 
what instructs kmail HOW to build a response, forward etc. My solution was to 
go into my original identitity:

kmail --> settings --> configure kmail --> Default

Then I temporarily clicked on "Use Custom Templates under the Templates tab. 
Click on "Reply to Sender". You should see a template that looks like this:

%REM="Default reply template"%-

or something similar. This is what actually tells kmail to quote. You can copy 
this (or my fragment above) into your Identity and tell kmail to use Custom 
templates. Just check that each table hase something other than "%BLANK".
(You  can also do this BEFORE actually copying anything :-) )



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