Email goes to Outbox

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Dec 13 01:10:16 UTC 2008

> First of all Steven, I think you ought to go easy on assuming (and
> reporting) that everything you see is a bug.  It kind of rubs the wrong way
> when I (and a lot of others) have been using Kmail for over 8 years and
> have seen very few problems if any.

Since that was the very first time I have even suggested the possibility of a 
bug in any Linux package, I would like you to copy and paste evidence of what 
you just said to this forum.  Additionally, I did not assume nor report a 
bug, I said thought there may be a bug.  I do not presume that much 
knowledge, it just appeared a possibility. 

And when I knew that I never included any identity for anything 
in any mail program, it looked like the possibility existed that an 
instruction which may work without problem in most cases, might work 
differently if a persons email address <stevenvollom at> differed 
from an account name of<>  

Your 8 years + is the reason I came to you.  I assure you I will never do 
anything, on purpose that hurts the reputation of Kubuntu or KDE.  Without 
them I could not have a computer.  I was sincere in my evaluation of a 
potential bug; if a reality, I would think it important to acknowledge and 

Perhaps you can give me an example of me thinking I am wise in the use of 
Linux or able to be a teacher.  I know that has never happened, because I do 
not believe that; and I try to be exactly accurate in everything I say.  If 
you don't like me and are trying to pick a fight, it won't work.  Before I 
will hurt this forum that has blessed my life so much, I will discontinue 
using it.

> First assume it is something you either misunderstand or have done wrong.
> Sorry, but that would probably over 95% of your 'situations'.

In my opinion, more like 99.999% true.

> Sending failed:
> Connection to host is broken.
> The message will stay in the 'outbox' folder until you either fix the
> problem (e.g. a broken address) or remove the message from the 'outbox'
> folder. The following transport protocol was used:

This is information placed in a box with an OK at the bottom that the computer 
generated, not something I wrote from my intelligence.

> is the NAME you gave to
> this particular 'sending account'

That is simply not true.  I don't mean any disrespect, but I have never named 
my account  I named it Studio25, and always have for about 15 
years now.
> > Notice that the transport protocol is indicated as

It was because I noticed that that I wrote of a possible problem.  I never did 
name it, so I did not understand where that came from.  And 
just because I don't agree with you, doesn't mean I am not still wrong, I 
just don't know how, or what I may have mis-entered.  

I went over the configuration several times before I wrote the post, because 
it is embarrassing to be wrong so much as I am.  I also thought if was the correct name, somehow the fact that the computer 
generated message included the name with a capital 'S', might make a 
difference.  I am aware that Linux is very case sensitive.   
> So either this account is flakey (it sometimes works) or if it doesn't work
> at all you have probably supplied the wrong connection information.

Not having your experience, I copied the configuration directly from working 
configuration on my Thunderbird account.  Then I answered and repeated that 
fact more than one half dozen to other kind helpers from the List in their 
response to my post.

Strange, but it is common for people to complain about my self-deprecation, 
you are among the rarest of people to suggest, for lack of a more appropriate 
word, arrogance.  Maybe ' know-it-all' is what you are trying to say.  I 
sincerely have never had feelings of self worth that would justify that. 

Since I want you to see exactly what is written, I will send a png to your 
private account and will retain a copy for any who read this upon request.

> Provide the right information and learn what you are doing. 

I doubt you ever tried harder to do what you just told me.  I am on a 20 hour 
day trying to do just that.  I am not gifted intellectually, so it is 
probably more difficult for me than it would be for you, but I would be happy 
to provide you screen prints of the configuration of every page of my Kmail 
client, if that would satisfy your accusations.

I apologize to the List, however, the only thing that can raise my dander is 
false accusation.  I don't do it to anyone.  For some reason it is difficult 
for me to back off when it happens to me.  I love this List, and even mostly 
respect the author of this criticism.  He contributes a lot for the benefit 
of others.  I cannot think of anything I have said or done on this forum that 
could offend anyone.  If I have, I sincerely apologize.


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