Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Xubuntu won't work on my Dell

Peter Shepherd thisway2freedom at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 14:46:06 UTC 2008

It boots, but does not load the X system.  No error messages.

I can log in OK, then it goes to the flash screen, and each part appears to
load properly until the end when it should open up to the desktop, it just
sits there.

My version of Kubuntu, etc.  is Intrepid.  I have not tried any of the older
versions yet.

'll have to wait till I get home this evening to try out your suggestion.
Please explain how to load x.org and copy it over - I am definitely not a
computer expert.

Also, I gave my daughter a used Dell Precision laptop, and loaded it with
Kubuntu.  It works perfectly, except everything (panels, icons, font, etc.)
is too small.  I tried changing the display parameters, and it helps until I
reboot, it goes back to small.


> Your email says your computer won't boot.  Do you get any error
> messages? I suspect that the computer may be booting, but just not
> loading the X system correctly.  Try hitting ALT-CNTRL-BACKSPACE to see
> if you can get a shell.  If so, then load up Mepis, save the X.org file
> and when you load Kubuntu, copy the X.org file over.
> Mike
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