Testing PSU with multimeter (Was: Problems with kwin and kwallet.)

Barry Premeaux bpremeaux at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 14:05:35 GMT 2008

> How do you load up the PSU when testing with a mutilmeter? I've caught
> one bad PSU with a multimeter but I have another one suspect that
> shows fine on all leads. I suspect that if I could load it somehow I
> would catch it dropping voltage. What draws 300-500 watts yet is safe
> enough to plug around the different leads? Five lightbulbs? I don't
> suppose it would matter that the PSU is DC, but can you tell me
> otherwise?

If I had it in the shop, I would get the specifications for each
voltage it puts out to determine the maximum current rating for each
one.  Then with the old ohms law (R=E/I), I would pick up some high
wattage resistors (500W) at values slightly higher than the calculated
values.  This would give me the appropriate load for each voltage that
would put me near max current draw.  Then I could watch the outputs on
a scope (or meter) to see if they start to roll off with load.


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