Tips for getting Networking back in some 8.10 installations.

hvralpha hvralpha at
Tue Dec 9 11:50:24 UTC 2008

I have been battling to get one of my computers to see my network. I run 8.10 
with Kde 4.1.3 on a AMD box. The problem is with DSL dial up using pppoeconfig.
It will allow connection to the Internet, but close the connection to the 
network somehow so that internal files and printers can't be seen.

The solution is the remove the following lines in etc\network\interfaces file:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet manual

Leave the dsl dialup section.

Network manager does not like any configuration except the "auto lo" lines in 
the configuration files because it controls all interfaces.

I can now connect to the Internet and see my network.
Hope it helps somebody as it was a real pain for me.

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