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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sat Dec 6 23:20:59 UTC 2008

Please keep replies on list. Thanks.

2008/12/7 Steven Vollom <stevenvollom at>:
>> I think that you might want to configure your machine to use only one
>> desktop.
> I removed Compiz.  I like it, but my current computer doesn't have enough
> memory.  It remained buggy for a couple of hours then settled down.

1) Compiz doesn't need memory, it needs _video_ memory. Is this what
you mean? What video hardware do you have?

> I removed KDE4 and returned to KDE3.5.9.  I needed Disk&Filesystems working.

What is Disk&Filesystems?

>  I still do not know how to mount and set partitions using the Konsole.
>  Does KDE4 have something similar to help people not yet confident with a
> Terminal?

You don't need to use the terminal to mount partitions in either KDE 3
or 4. HAL should be doing that for you. HAL is not a part of KDE, it
is added by the distro (in this case Kubuntu). It's been a long time
since HAL has been known as problematic. What types of partitions are
you mounting? Hard drives? USB memory sticks?

> My new computer will be running fairly soon.  There is a problem that is
> being isolated so it still may be a short while, however it will be powerful
> enough for Compiz.  I am an artist by profession; compiz is suited for
> people like me.

Where can I see your work?

> Is what I just asked top posting?

Dotan Cohen


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