Konqueror gets stuck when transferring files

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 17:19:57 UTC 2008

2008/12/4 Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca>:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Often when I copy / move files between computers I find that Konqueror
>> get 'stuck' and the copy / move fails in the middle. The file transfer
>> dialog litteraly says "stuck" and no more files move.
> I know you said "literally", but is that literally in English, or is
> "stuck" your translation?   I often see, in English, "stalled", which
> appears to happen when any KDE operation is trying to move data over the
> network and the sending side is slow.  It seems to be some kind of
> timeout, but I haven't found a solution (short of using wget for some
> purposes, which is really no solution at all).

It is translated. In Hebrew the word I see is "תקוע" which could also
be "stalled" in this sense> id not think that it is a timeout as the
transfer rate seems high right up until the point that it happens, and
it could happen within one second of initiating the transfer.

Dotan Cohen



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