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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 3 08:56:40 UTC 2008

Neil Winchurst wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> I have problems sending with Kmail too.  I have been working on it for 
>> months.  I really want to change from Thunderbird, but I can only 
>> receive with Kmail; I can't send.  I am in the process of changing to 
>> Konqueror from Firefox, too.  I am in the getting used to the 
>> differences stage.  Soon I will cut the umbilical cord.
>> Steven
> My only possible response is why7?? I have tried kmail but never again. 
> And I do like konqueror as a file manager but not as a browser. It just 
> shows one of the strengths of Linux, everyone can easily set their 
> computer up their way so easily.
> Neil
One thing I like is the speed.  Another is being able to default print 
size on everything.  I just got my first large screen monitor, a 22".  I 
love it.  I can increase print size to 16 point and still not have to 
scroll horizontally.  It doesn't work that way with Thunderbird.

I have a feeling that if I could get the smtp or send capability to 
function, I would learn how to become comfortable with its differences.  
Most of the things I had trouble changing from Windows to Linux, I found 
better in Linux, once I used it enough to become comfortable, as well as 
configure it well.  You may lose a feature that you like, but you will 
find more that you did not have when using the Microsoft version or 
other offerings.  Konqueror was too radical a change to make 
immediately.  Now that I am learning to use it, I really like the many 
ways it out performs almost every other browser I have tried.

I am expecting that to happen kmail.  Just the ability to format the 
print size is reason enough for me to change.  Additionally, I am alone, 
not running a business with my computer, so maybe that makes a 
difference.   I just write to this list and friends and family.  I don't 
know enough about it to give too much advice, but I remember those die 
hard KDE users trying to explain its benefits back when I wasn't ready 
for that much change yet.

I can no longer find anything I miss from the Microsoft product.  Not 
one thing.  But even Compiz, which was way too much for me a year ago, 
is a comfortable and welcome piece of technology.  Instead of a cube, I 
use an 8 sided, for lack of a better term, cube, and I leave about 1/2 
inch of space at the top of the screen which ever package I have open, 
just so I can keep the cursor on the desktop any time I want.  Putting 
the cursor in that area, you can spin the wheel on the moust and swiftly 
move from page to page, retaining all the open packages.  One will 
always have an active browser, anther email, another my list of 
partitions, another on and on and on.  And even if I have something on 
all 8 sides, they can be layered page on page, and by Ctrl + Alt + left 
mouse, held down, the entire 8 sided cube appears.  Moving the mouse 
forward it rotates up, moving it toward you rotates it down, to the left 
rotates it left and moving the mouse right, of course, rotates the cube 
right.  If their are pages upon pages on any side of the cube, you can 
see the layers and see which is which.
It is so slick and quick and useful, I can not live without it, now that 
I have it.

At first I saw it as glitz, but it is extremely useful if you are 
working.  And if your processor and memory can handle all the multiple 
processes, it is better than what is out there as competition.

Anyone who isn't using it should find out how to set it up just for a 
couple of features; you will use those features all the time.


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