Strange behavior with keyboard and mouse in 8.10

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Tue Dec 2 23:04:01 GMT 2008


During the last days, perhaps sins the upgrade to the 2.6.27-9 kernel
i have some strange errors with with my Kubuntu 8.10.
For some reason the keyboard suddenly start to behave strange for
example i cant switch VC with the ctrl+alt+fx keys or in konsole
running apt or aptitude it stops and looks like it's waiting for input
but nothing happens when pressing any key, and the process is
impossibly to kill. And just now when switching back to my main VC
with a KDE session, my left click started to acting like a alt+left
click. Deactivating desktop effects restored my left click to normal.
When i can't switch VC running xev shows that pressing ctrl+alt+fx do
generate a "keycode 73 (keysym 0x1008fe07, XF86_Switch_VT_7)" so it
looks like it's nothing wrong with my keyboard.

Anyone else seen some strange related error lately?

/ Jonas

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