Why use a virtual machine? **RESOLVED**

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 1 17:38:13 GMT 2008

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 01 December 2008, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Gene Heskett wrote:
>>>>> The only thing I miss from Windows is Spider Solitaire, it was
>>>>> entertaining once in a while.
>>>> It's available in the KDE card games :) (KPath I seem to remember?)
>> kpat
>>> You all have forgotten that M$ now uses Windows Genuine Advantage, aka
>>> WGA, to
>> Only for Vista - and he didn't _have_ a license for that, he had an XP
>> license.  I had an OEM copy of Windows 98 upgraded to XP via a licensed
>> upgrade disk, and that now runs in a VM on another machine.  afaict,
>> it's a fully legal and licensed installation in Canada.
>>> Screw 'em and the camel that rode in on them, I tried Ubuntu-8.04 LTS,
>>> got tired of fighting with sudo every 30 seconds to get the stuff I
>>> wanted (KDE & friends) installed and put an F9 respin on it, much
>>> friendlier.  Whatever
>>> became of the sudo that was good for 10 minutes anyway?
>> Nothing.  I've always had a default of 15 minutes - and that's what you
>> get if you don't specify "timestamp_timeout".
> One of the reasons I dumped Hardy Heron was that the sudo seemed to end with 
> the job you gave it, and I got tired of re-entering my password several times 
> a minute.  I use a long password, and 74 year old fingers aren't always well 
> centered on the key, which leads to erroneous entries and tiresome repeats.
> The older 6.06 release that runs emc and my milling machine does not suffer 
> from this.
> I have one old IBM keyboard that is great, but its a cast monster that you can 
> hear over at the neighbors, keeping the missus awake.
> The fingers of course are still a problem on any keyboard, and would be 
> greatly alleviated if I could find one that didn't register a key press till 
> the key hits the bottom of its stroke.  Sadly, most keyboards will register 
> the keystroke if you can feel the finger against the side of an adjacent key.  
> But then these hands were never sized for keyboards, I have to buy the 
> largest gloves in the bin, and see if I can get them on before heading for 
> the checkout, many times I can't get the things on even when they are labeled 
> XXL.  Short fingers, but very very wide palm and the cuffs don't stretch to 
> let me in.
> I miss-stated the release above, it was 8.04.1, a re-spin.  My bad. As I'm the 
> only user here, and behind a firewall from hell (dd-wrt), whatever it was 
> that was so paranoid about sudo chased me off.  I would like to have a box, 
> faster than that one of course, that I could turn the wife loose on, maybe.  
> But basically, she isn't interested.  I'd like to fix that, if indeed its 
> fixable at her age.
I am an old 66 year old.  So far I have lived 13 years longer than my 
father,  who lived 8 years longer than any other males on the tree. 

I lost the end of an important finger, so when it comes to typing, I 
have similar problems to you.  I don't have anyone to keep me company.  
My only computer friends are on this list, which I love dearly.  A 
social email off the List would be welcomed by me.



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