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Neil Winchurst barnaby at drofle.com
Mon Dec 1 09:11:48 GMT 2008

Billie Walsh wrote:
> Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> I will be away on holiday soon for about three weeks. I am wondering 
>> about setting up some sort of web based email so that I can be contacted 
>> while I am away.
>> Any recommendations please? I know about yahoo mail but there must be 
>> better ones. I have already looked at a few, including squirrelmail and 
>> atmail. But it is always better to rely on help from list members rather 
>> than to go by what I find through Google.
>> Thanks
>> Neil Winchurst
> Do you have a laptop that your planning on taking?
> If yes then just set up your regular e-mail account on it. You will be 
> able to get your mail from anyplace you can get an internet connection. 
> Just don't forget to turn off your home computer, or at least your 
> e-mail program on it.
My wife has a laptop, running Windows!! but whether she takes it is not 
yet decided. Yes, I realise that is an option, but the lappy may well 
finish up left at home.


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