Remove wallpaper

Jim Lemon jim.lemon at
Thu Aug 28 05:05:40 UTC 2008

Paul Rumelhart wrote:
> I've got a right-menu option of "Configure Desktop..." that will let you 
> choose no wallpaper as an option.  I think I had to install kde-desktop 
> to get that option, though.  I think strict Kubuntu wants to route you 
> through the System Settings option on the K-Menu.  I just tried System 
> Settings, and the Desktop icon under "Look and Feel" went to the same 
> place that "Configure Desktop..." does on my system.
Thanks for that. I tried to install kde-desktop, but:

a) apt-get (which seems to be something like yum) doesn't know what that 
is and
b) when I tried to just install anything KDE that looked like it might 
be kde-desktop, the install barfed and refused to do it.

Any hints?


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