Remove wallpaper

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at
Thu Aug 28 02:04:52 UTC 2008

I've got a right-menu option of "Configure Desktop..." that will let you 
choose no wallpaper as an option.  I think I had to install kde-desktop 
to get that option, though.  I think strict Kubuntu wants to route you 
through the System Settings option on the K-Menu.  I just tried System 
Settings, and the Desktop icon under "Look and Feel" went to the same 
place that "Configure Desktop..." does on my system.


Jim Lemon wrote:
> Hi,
> Looked at the FAQ and some of the archives. While there were a lot of 
> messages about how to jazz up the background, I saw none on how to 
> remove wallpaper.
> 1) Running Kubuntu 8.04 (I think)
> 2) Right clicking on the background brings up a dialog with no option to 
> remove the wallpaper.
> 3) Using the System Settings program has an option (the leftmost button 
> at the bottom of Appearance | Theme Manager), but it appears to be 
> disabled. If I click on any of the other buttons, I get a "This 
> configuration section is already opened in System Settings".
> Is there just a configuration file I can edit rather than wade through 
> all the GUI stuff that doesn't seem to work? Thanks for any advice.
> Jim

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