Konqueror is very slow to start

Alexander Smirnov alexander.v.smirnov at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 07:22:22 UTC 2008

Tony Sivori wrote:
> After a reboot, Konqueror is very slow to start. Konqueror takes about
> three minutes to start. This used to happen only sometimes, but after the
> last Konqueror update it now does it every time.
> Normal start time for Konqueror is about two seconds. I'm running Kubuntu
> 8.04 (KDE3.5.9) on a P4 2.4 GHz single core with 2 GB of ram.
> I've tried starting Konqueror from the Konsole, but there are no feedback
> messages of any kind. All other programs except for Kmail start normally;
> when Konqueror acts up it does too.
> I've set Konqueror as the default file manager.
> I'd like to fix this without a reinstall, or doing anything drastic like
> deleting .kde or all of my preferences.
Check your DNS preferences.

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