Konqueror is very slow to start

Tony Sivori TonySivori at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 9 22:15:57 UTC 2008

After a reboot, Konqueror is very slow to start. Konqueror takes about
three minutes to start. This used to happen only sometimes, but after the
last Konqueror update it now does it every time.

Normal start time for Konqueror is about two seconds. I'm running Kubuntu
8.04 (KDE3.5.9) on a P4 2.4 GHz single core with 2 GB of ram.

I've tried starting Konqueror from the Konsole, but there are no feedback
messages of any kind. All other programs except for Kmail start normally;
when Konqueror acts up it does too.

I've set Konqueror as the default file manager.

I'd like to fix this without a reinstall, or doing anything drastic like
deleting .kde or all of my preferences.

Tony Sivori
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