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John Heinen hensandpat at
Thu Aug 21 14:24:07 UTC 2008

O. Sinclair wrote:
> Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
>> On Tuesday 19 August 2008 11:33:26 pm O. Sinclair wrote:
>>> O. Sinclair wrote:
>>>> Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
>>>>> On Tuesday 19 August 2008 07:13:23 pm John Heinen wrote:
>>>>>> I installed opensuse on a gateway  64 bit dual core  (win vista)
>>>>>> computer, while installing opensuse, the installer noted no modem
>>>>>> found! Does that mean it was unable to read the factory installed
>>>>>> modem? There is a modem though, I use it for vista
>>>>>> What would the command be  for opensuse to find  and recognise the
>>>>>> modem present?
>>>>> The problem here may be in the fact that you have a "winmodem" not a
>>>>> real hardware based modem.  WinModems have to be software driven,
>>>>> whereas real hardware modems are just handed commands, and drive
>>>>> themselves.
>>>>> The problem is many WinModems cannot be run from within Linux.  The good
>>>>> news is that there are a good number of them that can now.  Do some
>>>>> Google searching for your modem.  There used to be a website
>>>>> "" or something like that which listed what drivers worked
>>>>> with winmodems in Linux.
>>>>> Some one here should be able to correct me on that website address I'm
>>>>> sure.
>>>> Cannot is a too strong word. Search for "linmodems" on the internet or
>>>> check out - note they charge for a fully working driver.
>>> Maybe I should add that I have managed to get both external usb-modems
>>> and internal "soft" winmodems working with more or less effort by
>>> googling around and trying various solutions. For the moment my life is
>>> easy as I own a Dell laptop where they supply the modem driver.
>>> Sinclair
>> Dell?  Really?  I've looked more than once for my laptop and found no linux 
>> drivers for the modem, and I'm NOT paying for one (I just don't use it 
>> enough).  What model?
> In my case I have an older Inspiron 6400/1505 that works fine and 
> currently use an Inspiron 1420/Vostro 1400 (model names differ due to 
> where and how they are sold). You can find info on Dell's linux wiki:
> look under "known issues" and you find the modem driver.
> As I understand it they license it from Linuxant but I could be wrong. 
> It works, that what matters to me...
> Sinclair
model; "usrobotics usr 5637 usb faxmodem,"  Advertised in forbes, sold 
by many as wel as "tiger direct"

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