single quotes and double quotes.

Glenn R Williams gloonie at
Sun Aug 17 18:02:36 UTC 2008

Do you have the KDE Keyboard Layout Switcher activated? (System settings --> 
Regional and Language --> Keyboard Layout)

You could get this behavior the english keyboard is set to the "alt-intl" 
variant, since alt-intl allows you to compose characters with umlauts, etc.

To correct you could just change the variant to nothing (blank), or add a new 
layout to the list.



On Sunday 17 August 2008 13:55:58 Michael wrote:
> _8.04_
> I am not sure if this happened after an update or if it is due to me
> changing
> a setting somewhere -
> I now have to hit the quote/double quote key twice before I get a
> character.
> On my keyboard, this key is the second key to the right of the L key.  This
> occurs across the board in all programs:  Konqueror, TB/Firefox, even the
> linux terminal konsole.
> It isn´t that big of a deal except in Konsole, the single quote character
> is somehow different that it was.  I know this because some of the commands
> that I type in Konsole now no longer work.
> Does anyone have any idea what setting I mucked up to cause this behavior?
> It sure would be nice to be able to change it back.
> Thanks.
> Michael

Glenn R Williams
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