Network management and monitoring application ?

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Aug 14 12:46:41 UTC 2008

Bruno Costacurta wrote:

> About knetworkmanager and wicd,
> I tried knetworkmanager but strangely it doesn t find any wireless
> network,. However wicd found my wifi and few others in the neighborhood.
> I tested this again few times by switch between knetworkmanager and wicd
> and found same results : knetworkmanager (wireless and networkmanager
> were off course activated) sees nothing were wicd sees few wireless
> network.
> Looks strange, no ? Or I missed something ?

Almost certainly you have configuration information for the wifi interface
in /etc/network/interfaces.  networkmanager explicitly ignores any such

> Is there some identified problem with knetworkmanager 

Well, sure...  but this is a feature, not a problem.

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