Help!!! My desktop contains icons for deleted files. How do I fix this?

Peter Williams pewtas at
Tue Aug 12 00:33:27 UTC 2008

Hi Kubuntu ppl,

The subject says it all. On my desktop { /home/user/Desktop folder } there
are icons for programs & files which I moved to the Trash. However, the
power went off and the pc lost power. When the power was restored - I now
still have the icons on the desktop, but if I click on them (eg to open
them) I get a message that the file cannot be found. (eg the icons are on
the Desktop but the point to non-existant files!)

As I'm still a newbie at Linux and Kubuntu -- I'd appreciate if someone
could tell me the exact command(s) to do to fix this problem.

Happy Computing ;-)))

Fond Regards,
Peter Eric (aka 'pew') WILLIAMS
from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia -- phone (03) 6236-9675

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