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Sat Aug 9 16:38:34 UTC 2008

On Saturday 09 August 2008 8:19:35 am Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> the #vbox channel seems to be almost dead. here's my question, i'm new
> to vbox, i installed virtualbox-ose, now i need the kernel module. so i
> need virtualbox-ose-modules* , what is the difference between those
> ending in 386, generic, openvz, rd etc... ?
> i'm running a 32 bit host BTW
> and what are virtualbox-ose-guest-modules* used for?
> thanks in advance

I'm not a whiz with vbox but I have gotten it up and running so take what I say with a grain of 
salt :)  The packages ending with 386, generic, etc are for the type of computer you have.  I'd try 
the -generic packages to start with, that should work just fine.  I believe the way to do it is by 
installing virtualbox-ose-guest-modules-generic. Just check that the same types in all your 
packages.  Once you have them all working you can pretty much forget about them, unless you want to 
install it from source from the vbox website. 

This is a list of packages that should be installed (with the kernel):

Once you have a new OS up and running you will want to install the vbox additions.  This is what the 
guest modules are for.  It lets you resize the window the guest OS is running in to whatever fits 
on your monitor, allow nearly seamless integration into your desktop by pressing ctrl-L, and let 
your mouse go in and out of the virtual machine without pressing the right ctrl key.  Click on 
Devices --> Install Guest Additions.  It will mount VBoxGuestAdditons.iso.  In a windows guest, 
open My Computer, go to the cd drive and run VBoxGuestAdditions.exe.  In a linux guest, open a 
terminal, cd to the mount point and run this as root "sh -i" without the 

Have fun!

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