GRUB question.

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at
Fri Aug 8 05:14:01 UTC 2008

On Thursday 07 August 2008 9:20:08 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
> Giorgos Kostopoulos wrote:
> > I just installed kubuntu and I have a question.
> > GRUB set entries for launching kubuntu and windows.
> > I added myself an entry, for booting from the floppy (fd0).
> >
> > Is there any possibility for adding a similar entry for booting from CD
> > (without rebooting)?
> You set it to boot from CD in the BIOS (any bios should give you a series
> of options for boot devices - as long as your system is capable of booting
> from CD, it will be there).  There _is_ no way to boot without rebooting...

I'm not sure what you're saying here.  My GRUB has an entry for my DVD drive 
and has no problems booting from it.

> The CD boot option doesn't need to be in Grub, because a CD is either
> bootable or not, and if you have a bootable one in the drive you can always
> eject it if you don't want to boot from it.

If your computer is off, it can be a headache to turn it on and sit there 
hitting the eject button until it responds, then get the CD in there and close 
it in time to boot off of it - especially if you have a fast machine.  With an 
option in GRUB, you can calmly wait for the CD/DVD drive to respond, place the 
CD in at your leisure and let it boot without needing to reboot.

For some reason, I can't see it in my menu.lst, or I'd post the entry for the 
OP.  It might be on my other machine, which isn't working at the moment.

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