Upgrade from 7.10 --> 8.04: everything slow in kde, exept while using Compiz

chuck adams k7qo at commspeed.net
Sun Aug 3 19:51:22 UTC 2008

On Sunday 03 August 2008 12:40:50 Ulrich GrĂ¼n wrote:
...snip  snip....
>  - Has anybody experienced same slow down within KDE?
>  - Or, has anybody a clue where I could look at?
> Any help is (of course) highly appreciated.
> --
> Love and Light,
> Ulrich

I have noticed a similar behavior and I thought it was xsane.
In using the scanner I get a display screen of the scanned
text.  When I go to save it, it seems that from time to time
the response slows down when I do the save.  Even fails
to perform the save and I have to come back and click
on the save button several times.

I thought it was the battery in the wireless mouse the
first time it happened and changed the battery.  Still
had problems with button response and sometimes
the cursor is slow to respond.

"top" doesn't show heavy CPU loads and I don't
see any process taking a lot of CPU time and cycles.

It does get frustrating to have it happen from time to
time for no obvious reason.  For me this happens
aperiodically for no apparant reason.  Just started
in the last few weeks and possibly after the last
series of updates with kernel heades.



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