Security-related questions

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Apr 28 13:14:51 UTC 2008

Jonathan Jesse wrote:

> For all these people compalining about border guards and TSA agents and
> everything searching a computer's hard drive, how often are you actually
> traveling?  

What on earth does _that_ have to do with anything?  I haven't actually
travelled with a laptop in years (I used to, often).  And outside my bank
account information - which law enforcement could probably access more
easily than I can - I don't think I have anything on my laptop that is
sensitive.  Nevertheless, American paranoia gives many officials the
opportunity to trample over everyone else's rights, and I don't have to
like it.

> Keep the paranoia down slightly (unless you have something to hide)

It's not _our_ paranoia, it's the US government's (and not just the
administration - the Democrats voted for the PATRIOT act too).

Besides which - _everybody_ has something to hide.  I wish I could remember
where I read it just last week, but the line was something like "we've all
done something that could get us two years in jail, somewhere".  In my
case, probably contributing to threads like this...

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