How to copy ~/.kde from old system to new?

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Sun Apr 27 14:54:53 UTC 2008

On Sunday 27 April 2008, Larry Hartman wrote:
> What steps do I need to take? Initially my instincts tell me that I should
> use the same username.  My experience with MS tells me that if used the
> same username the OS would build new directories anyways and ignore what is
> already present....

Since your partitions are already present and I assume you are just going to 
reinstall the system, you need to use the 'manual' method of selecting 

When you do the manual method, you will be presented with a list of all of 
your partitions, without mount points.  (they will look like   /dev/sda1, 2, 
5, etc)

Select a partition from this list, and click on 'Edit'.  There you will be 
able to select the mount point and whether you want the partition formatted 
or not.   And select the  FS type to because what is showing is "do not use 
partition"  and that will get you nowhere.

So select your  /home  partition and select that it be mounted at  /home but 
not to format it. (the default is no format)

Select your '/' partition the same way.

And if you have other partitions you want at other mount points, you can type 
in the name of the mount point and all of the fstab entries will be made for 
those too.

FWIW, I  always do any partition diddling with  Acronis  DiskDirector before I 
do my fresh installs.  I think it makes life easier and avoids having to tell 
the system about the new partitions it wants to make up.

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