KDE 4 Install Problem

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at vzavenue.net
Sat Apr 19 16:36:22 UTC 2008

On Saturday 19 April 2008 07:34:53 am Robert Tilley wrote:
> I have a Dell Dimension 2350 (Intel 82845G card).  Currently, KDE 3.5.8
> (Kubuntu Gutsy) is running very well.
> After following the instructions from the Kubuntu website for installing
> KDE 4 side-by-side with KDE 3 is the time when problems occur.  After
> reboot the screen is blank with graphic "static" (randomly-colored vertical
> lines).  The screen is otherwise black and there is no activity.  A
> complete re-install of Kubuntu is needed (I give my thanks to a separate
> /home partition!) to restore a working box.

These symptoms appear very similar to what people experience with the 
following bug (blank screens and vertical colored lines) on launchpad:

[Bug 129910] Re: Blank ttys when using vesafb (vga=xxx)

Are you sure it is KDE4 related?


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