A note on Kubuntu 8.04 beta version (KDE4)

p.daniels teeahr1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 20:52:49 UTC 2008

Knapp wrote:
*snip, but good stuff there, go read it if you haven't*
> Anyway, main point. I don't hate Dolphin. I am happy to keep it in the
> options to install but I don't feel that setting it as the default has
> improved KDE in anyway except perhaps to give those middle ground
> people a nice file program. I don't see this as any sort of a fight.
> This is about pros and cons, no winner here. Different people have
> different needs, hardware and likes. We all can have it all, this is
> Linux!@ The trick is to find out what is best for you by reading
> treads like this and learning.

Thank you, you put that much better than I did. I'd love to have the 
option on install of which file manager I want to use for the default, 
especially now that KDE4 is out (the recently plugged devices applet is 
useless to me because there's no way to change the file manager it uses 
(if you know how to do this, clue me in)). I doubt very much that we'll 
see that happening though, as one of the main points of Ubuntu is that 
"anyone can install it," and they're loathe to ask any more questions in 
the installer than are absolutely necessary.


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