How to run fancontrol automatically?

Blue Rose bluerosemagic at
Thu Apr 3 12:40:11 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to linux, running Kubuntu 8,04/kde3 now.
Works good so far, just one thing I can't work out.. even after 
searching multiple forums..

My cpu-fan spins at 3800rpm, so it's a terrible noise.. I found how to 
get fancontrol working with lm-sensors and pwmconfig.
However, I would like Kubuntu to start fancontrol automatically when I 
boot up my pc (after kubuntu login would be fine).
Now, I have to "sudo fantrol" everytime. I'm quite sure it's possible to 
tell Kubuntu to that for me.

Any tips? And please all steps.. I'm a recent convert:P and not very 
good at konsole work yet
(too young, I missed the whole MSDOS era too ;-) though I would like to 
learn. I'm not scared of the konsole.. as long as I know what to do :P



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