2nd try. Use/Install problem

Bill Vance kbun at xpresso.seaslug.org
Sat Sep 29 08:15:01 BST 2007

Howdy folks;

Some months ago I got Ubuntu 6.10, and couldn't get it to work, or install.
I tried getting Kubuntu 6.10, and same story.  Basically, it would go so far,
and then present me with, "The Black Screen Of Death".  Fiddling with the video
modes got me a little further, but then again, the, "Black Screen".

Near as I can figure, it may have something to do with my Matrox Mystique
video card not having enough memory, or something like that, but I can't say
for sure.

Is there any way to get this puppy up and runnung?  I really would like to get
something newer/better than my old Caldera 2.2.14 going here.

Thanks in advance.



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