pppoe grinds to a halt

Donn Ingle donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 13:10:54 UTC 2007

> No i don´t think so (haven´t used idle myself since i always had a flat rate).
> If idle would have been set it would explain this error, that´s why i asked.
Oh. Bugger. I was on a roll :)

> I have used pppoe several years and it has been very reliable for me.
> So i suppose there are other problems in your setup (ISP).

VERY likely - my ISP is a nice chap, but his network has been hell on
Kubuntu. Works fine for Windows machines. He is using Fedora behind
the scenes, so I don't know what is making it so hostile to Kubuntu. I
contend that Windows is doing "stuff" to make the network connections
just about fail-safe that Linux is *not* doing, being more inclined to
let users set it up as they wish. The problem is that Windows just
connects - no mess, no fuss. On Kubuntu I have had months of hassles
with VPN and now the switch to PPPOE - both really suck.

 > When you get disconnected, what´s the status of the DSL-Modem?
> (Usually it has some LEDs to show it´s status - it´s manual should explain them)
I have no idea - the router is on the roof, connecting wirelessly to a
base station far away.

> ...and please post your /etc/network/interfaces.

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

#eth0 or 3 is the BOTTOM slot -- to the hub (local network)
auto eth3
iface eth3 inet static

#eth2 is the TOP SLOT -- in from the router/aerial
iface eth2 inet dhcp

auto dsl-provider
iface dsl-provider inet ppp
provider dsl-provider

    pre-up /sbin/ifconfig eth2 up # line maintained by pppoeconf

#iface eth2 inet static

auto eth2
I flip eth2 between static and DHCP (both seem to work) when I am at
the cliff-face and it's all I can think to do before restarting
Kubuntu to get pppoe back up.


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