Samba Samba!

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Sep 18 12:25:20 UTC 2007

Donn wrote:

> Now, I had set that up (I thought) on Kubuntu to be 'donn' and 'ok' (just
> to test things), but whatever I enter in that window does nothing. It
> flashes away for a microsecond and comes right back again. I have tried
> changing the password (back on Kubuntu with smbpasswd to emulate
> variously, my Kubuntu password and my Windows password (blank) but nothing
> works.
> Anyone have any clues?

Yes.  I think...  Which way are you trying to go?  I think you're trying to
read files on the XP system from the Linux system, in which case, it's got
nothing to do with smbpasswd.  smbpasswd that sets the username/password
that Windows clients will use to access the linux box.  

The username/password for the Linux client to access the Windows boxen is
set in KDE System Settings/Sharing/Local Network Browsing.  However, iirc,
SMB is NOT capable of using blank passwords.  If you are going to restrict
shares to specific users you MUST give the user a password.  This isn't a
Linux Samba restriction, it's a Windows SMB restriction.

If your file access is in the other direction, it's generally easier...

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