Installing/Running a Win98SE accounting app in Wine

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> For many years I've used a simple but efficient double-entry Windoze 
> accounting program called Banana.

First of all (as the acronym says), Wine Is Not an Emulator.  It merely
adds a layer which will replicate the calls a Windows program makes to
work, when the Windows operating system itself is not being called.
Put another way if a program calls upon routines in the Windows
operating system itself, it probably won't run under Wine.

To test whether a program runs on YOUR setup, the usual way is first to
run winecfg from a console (as we are using Kubuntu that would probably
be Konsole) which would set up virtual Windows locations.

Next, to run Wine and the program of your choice you enter into Konsole
a command after the fashion:

wine <location and name of application>

so your command to get Banana on device hda1 working under Wine would
probably be:

wine /dev/hda1/<some folder>/banana.exe

I don't know if it will work, but you might like to try.

Wine is developed as an open source project by Codeweavers, and they
have incorporated its code into their Crossover series.  Crossover
Office, for instance, allows Microsoft Office to be run directly in
Linux.  A side effect of the Crossover series is that it more
efficiently runs most Windows programs that are potentially run under

The Crossover series is not free (either in the terms of software libre
or no cost), but if Banana is a must-have application for which there
is no Linux alternative, its worth considering.  More details from:

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