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Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 06:47:55 UTC 2007

Have you looked at all the Linux accounting programs?
Perhaps that might be easier than setting up wine.
I use GNUcash and love it for home and business. It also runs on
Windows and Apple if your work computer is not Linux.
Here are some others to think about.


On 9/18/07, john d. herron <paradox.herron at bluewin.ch> wrote:
>  For many years I've used a simple but efficient double-entry Windoze
> accounting program called Banana.
>  It is said (by users who've tried) to run well on top of Wine.
>  Have a working version of it in a dedicated folder on /hda1 (Win98SE) and
> an installable version on an original CD.
>  To try it out in my current Kubuntu 7.04 environment I've installed wine
> 0.9.83 via adept.
>  However, haven't found any (to me) understandable instructions on how to
> use it. KDE app menus show the following options:
>  Wine file, Wine help browser + Wine notepad (in Utilities); Wine
> configuration + Wine RegEdit (in Settings); and (but that's not what I seem
> to be needing right now...) Wine Software Uninstaller (in System).
>  I'm rather confused on what to do to try and get this Banana application
> running in Wine. Can anyone help?
>  Any newbie-speak suggestions will be thankfully appreciated.
>  jdh

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