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Mon Sep 17 07:49:54 UTC 2007

Hi Michael,

On 9/15/07, D. Michael McIntyre <michael.mcintyre at> wrote:
> On Saturday 15 September 2007, Knapp wrote:
> > Second thought, can't you just put your friends HD in your computer?
> That would be the easy way to go, if the hardware is similar enough that it
> would drop right in and boot up.  Put his drive in your computer, download
> via the package management system, and go on.  Problems with this include
> what if the Windows box isn't 64-bit, and the inconvenience, and risk to the
> hardware, if this has to be done more than once in a blue moon.

The Win box is not my computer, if it was it would not be Windows.
Also it's 32 bit not 64 bit so I think I'm stuck with transferring by
some media, cd or maybe dvd. There are dvd burners at both ends.
> To leech packages with Windows and burn them to CDs, I'm not sure what the
> best way would be, but I can tell you what *isn't* the best way.  Downloading
> a bunch of .deb files and trying to dpkg -i them out of some directory
> doesn't work well at all.  You'd want to do mirrors of the repositories
> somehow or other, so you could produce CDs that could be used as apt sources
> directly.

That last idea is exactly what I don't know how to do. Maybe I'm stuck
with dpkg and what ever problems I will get with that.
> I'm not sure how I'd solve it.  I think I'd start with a Windows version of
> wget (I think it's available as a standalone, or you can get it through
> Cygwin) and try grabbing a copy of the entire repository like...
> Well, nevermind.  I tried a handful, and none of them are set up to allow for
> this.
> Hrm.

wget would be the way to leach the stuff. I was always happy with
using that when I had a Debian box 2 years ago.
> I don't know what I'd do then.  A lot of tedious hand work I guess.
> Running a Linux box without a live internet connection SUCKS.  You and your
> friend have my sympathy, but apparently not my really good ideas.

I've been trying to persuade him for some time that even a slow ADSL
connection would be cheaper in the long run.


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