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On Sun, 16 Sep 2007 19:59:10 -0500
Billie Walsh <bilwalsh at swbell.net> wrote:

> Don't think it's come quite far enough.
> Streets and Trips won't install and work. 2004 version or 2007.
> I did download PAF5 from familysearch.org and it installed and seems
> to run after a fashion. But PAF is hardly a mainstream application.

Remember that Wine Is Not An Emulator :-)

It provides a layer which simulates the layer some Windows programs use
if they are not integrated with the Windows OS from Win '97 to Win2K.
So *some* Windows programs (usually older ones) will run under Wine,
whether they are mainstream or not.

Wine has been integrated into the Crossover series of applications from
Codeweavers and in that environment is a better substitute for running
Windows programs natively in Linux....but you do have to pay for them
and they are not "free" in the sense used by Debian nor software libre.

I expect that the Redmond giant would sue or threaten to sue, anyone who
wrote a complete emulator for Windows, and this is the decisive
matter.  So don't expect a program that will emulate the Windows OS in
the near future.....

Meantime we have Wine.....
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