Kubuntu vs. Ubuntu

lanzen lanzenesi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 08:19:37 UTC 2007

On 16/9/2007, msmarti58 wrote:

> But still, if it was so
> simple in GNOME to locate and mount my other hard drives, then I think KDE
> should have found them too.

I have no problem in seeing ntfs drives in both Ubuntu and Kubuntu.  You're 
right in the sense that, although the base is the same, the two desktop have 
different ways of going about. If production is not the issue here, I would 
advise you to download and try the very new next release, gutsy, still not 
even beta, but,I feel, quite stable. Get tha very last daily and you won't 
need to update so much. It has many things included by default and nfts 
support is one of them.

By default on installation, K/ubuntus mount any found ntfs drive 
in /media/nameofyourwindisk. That's where you'll find them in kubuntu most 
likely, whereas in ubuntu they'll show linked on your desktop.

I do prefer kubuntu, but I don't dislike gnome. I use them both. Only I feel 
kubuntu is a bit more... user friendly and has good dedicated programs, 
amarok to just name one.

Just one more thing. Something unpleasant happened while I installed ubuntu on 
my desktop where I still have a partition with winxp. The boot manager didn't 
see winxp and I had to fiddle a tiny bit to make thing work as expected. What 
I mean is, if something like that happens, don't panic: there's an easy 


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