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David Fletcher kubuntu-users at
Fri Sep 14 16:13:09 UTC 2007

On Friday 14 Sep 2007, Brendan wrote:
> On Thursday 13 September 2007, Knapp wrote:
> > I am running an Nvidia Geforce 7600 gs. I run it with it's  fan
> > unplugged and with the Nvidia made driver. It has a heat monitor and
> > even running 3d aps the hottest it gets is one line into the yellow. I
> > have been doing this for one year with no problems. In the beginning I
> > was going to put a resistor in the fan to slow it down to a quiet
> > level but never got to it.
> >
> > I also mounted the HDs in the CD bays with hair rubber bands so they
> > make almost no noise.
> > Then For the DVD player I use a little program,"setcd -x 1", to run it
> > at speed 1x when watching movies.
> Cool idea, BUT, there has been some research (no, I cannot think of where I
> read it) that seemed to heavily suggest that a hard drive needs a
> relatively rigid securing method due to the rotational/centripetal (sp?)
> force inside the drive. Something about it needing a rigid mounting so that
> it can "stop" and "start" the needle/head in the correct place.

My son's Antec computer case has rubber grommets through which the mounting 
bolts pass, and I've run a hard drive for over a week just sitting on rubber 
bands laid on the desktop to silence it.

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