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I have the NVIDIA GeForce 6200LE GPU
On one of my desktops.  I have run the last three iterations of (xk)ubuntu as well as kanotix, opensuse, mandriva 2007-1 and windows xp.  I have yet to see it fail.  The only problem is that the native nvidia linux driver did not work for me, so I had to go with the free one, no a big deal for me, whatever works. 
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Subject: Graphics cards

I'm intending to rebuild the PC in the fairly near future. I don't need a 
powerful graphics card, I want it fanless, and I want it to be PCI Express 

Sorry to have to ask here, but has anybody used either of these yet?

Sapphire HD 2400 Pro 256MB VGA DVI TVO PCI-E Graphics Card
GPU - ATI 2400Pro

Asus EN6200LE 64MB Turbocache supporting 256MB DDR DVI PCI-E Graphics Card

There is an ebuyer customer feedback on the Nvidia card, stating that it works 
with Suse 10.2.

The report here 
suggests that the ATI chip is supported by a Linux driver.

I have to say that since the announcements about AMD supporting the Open 
Source community with drivers for ATI chips, I would prefer to buy an ATI 
based card again.

Can anybody comment please?


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