Kubuntu causing computer to overheat. (I think)

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Sep 12 19:20:46 BST 2007

David McGlone wrote:

> This is a MAJOR problem. Yet still ignored.

Every few weeks I see something like this.  I'm sure that, for you, it's a
major problem, but really Ubuntu has no _major_ problems.  Generally, it
runs well for most of us.

If you've encountered a bug - or even just a poorly written BIOS/DSDT - that
few other people have encountered, you get four choices.  Document it and
file a bug (in this case, it would involve acpi); give up on Linux
altogether; find a distro that works; or just wait until (if) it gets
fixed.  It would be best all around if you could do the first, but we know
that that isn't an option for everybody, but please don't gripe about the
fact that bugs that affect you aren't given priority by unpaid developers.

I guarantee that my laptop does, in fact, run hotter under Linux (only
really tested with Ubuntu) than under Windows, but it runs within spec
(which makes me wonder if Windows completely ignores the temperature and
uses something silly like CPU load).  Unlike yours, though, the fan _does_
come on occasionally.

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