nVidia Driver

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Tue Sep 11 06:21:54 BST 2007

J. Michael Morse wrote:
> Ver 6.06 LTS
> I am trying to install the nVidia driver for my card.  I get  the
> following error:  " Unable to
> find the kernal source tree."  I used Synaptic to download the kernal
> sources (I think that
> is what it installed . . . ) but I don't know what directory it was
> put in.  Sooooo . . . what directory are the kernal source files in
> with a 6.06 system?

I never downloaded the entire kernel source, only the kernel headers. That 
is enough for the nvidia driver compilation. Anyway, have a look at the 
directory /usr/src where you will find one or more subdirectories with 
the kernel source / headers. The actual directory name depends on the 
kernel version.


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