WengoPhone vs. Skype

Jonathan Kaye jdkaye10 at yahoo.es
Fri Sep 7 18:39:18 UTC 2007

Michael Hirsch wrote:

> On 8/28/07, Jonathan Kaye <jdkaye10 at yahoo.es> wrote:
>> Given a choice between Wengo & Skype I'd choose Ekiga for both audio +
>> video. For audio only, I like Twinklephone.
> Jonathan,
> Have you been able to actually video connect with anyone?  I've been
> trying to talk to people with ekiga, but never had any success.  I can
> connect to the audio mirrors no problem, but I've never been able to
> get anyone else to connect with me.
> What clients on Windows or Mac can video connect with ekiga?
> Thanks,
> Michael
Hi Michael,
I have video conferenced with a Windows client a while ago so I don't
remember the details. With Mac I video conference regularly and it works
perfectly. The mac user uses Xmeeting and I use Ekiga and they get along
fine together.
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