Laurent Asorne laurent.asorne at
Tue Sep 4 21:29:23 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 04 September 2007 22:40:49 Greg Booth wrote:
> > # uname -r
> > 2.6.20-16-lowlatency
> > #
> >
> > I dowloaded the ubuntu studio DVD-image and installed it onto the second
> > HDD (sata, the first HDD is an IDE, where i have installed Kubuntu).
> > Actually, I'm running Kubuntu and - to my astonishment - Rosegarden
> > started without the error message... But there's another thing. When I
> > boot into Ubuntu Studio, I get Rosegarden started without any problem,
> > but it won't make a sound.... XMMS works okay, so it's not the sound
> > card.
> >
> > Any idea???
> > Laurent
> Do you mean it won't make ANY sound or that it doesn't make the sounds
> you expect from Kubuntu ? Did you check system sounds in the settings
> ? Maybe they just don't have many default sounds in Ubuntu Studio.

No, system sounds are fine! It's only Rosegarden that won't make the music it 
is expected to make! Any other multimedia software (like XMMS, or any 
Wave-editor) works fine with sound and all. Only Rosegarden makes no sound.


The box said 'Requires Windows XP or better'. So I installed LINUX

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