Laurent Asorne laurent.asorne at
Tue Sep 4 20:30:58 UTC 2007

# uname -r

I dowloaded the ubuntu studio DVD-image and installed it onto the second HDD 
(sata, the first HDD is an IDE, where i have installed Kubuntu). Actually, 
I'm running Kubuntu and - to my astonishment - Rosegarden started without the 
error message... But there's another thing. When I boot into Ubuntu Studio, I 
get Rosegarden started without any problem, but it won't make a sound....
XMMS works okay, so it's not the sound card.

Any idea???

On Monday 03 September 2007 21:20:29 D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Monday 03 September 2007, Laurent Asorne wrote:
> > Thanks for the advice. I downloaded the utilities from ubuntu studio but
> > it still says the same thing!
> Step 1, go to a command line somewhere, and run:
>   uname -r
> You should see:
>   2.6.20-16-lowlatency
> (Or whatever the most recent kernel is.  Key word is the "lowlatency"
> mostly.)
> > I tried with other sequencer timers, with no
> > success. Below I post the output message of Rosegarden's actual sequencer
> > status, in case that could contain vital infos:
> The best one to use is "(auto)" if it works.  Some of the other ones can
> freeze your system.  I forget all the details on this stuff.  It's pretty
> arcane.
> > Rosegarden 1.4.0 - AlsaDriver - alsa-lib version 1.0.13
> Also, that's a very old version, if you're up for building a newer one.  I
> don't think it would have any effect on this particular problem one way or
> the other.  I can't really remember what we've done since 1.4.0.
> Anyway, let's start here.  If you have the right kernel installed, and
> you've booted it, then we're looking at something more nasty.  There *is* a
> bug report from someone who keeps getting this message even though he is
> supposed to have fixed his kernel.  On SuSE, I think.  So there may be some
> precedent for a real problem here.
> Although I'm running Ubuntu Studio myself, and not experiencing that
> problem, so chances are very high it's a config/setup issue on your system.
> --
> D. Michael McIntyre

The box said 'Requires Windows XP or better'. So I installed LINUX

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