current kernel source package?

Wulfy wulfmann at
Tue Sep 4 18:38:35 BST 2007

D. R. Evans wrote:
> Argh!
> Running amd64 dapper.
> I installed the recent kernel update and forgot that I also have to
> install the new sources manually in order to get the nvidia driver to
> work on the updated system.
> So now I am stuck with only the terminal interface, and I can't
> remember the correct package name to get the new kernel sources (so I
> can build the nvidia driver package for the updated system).
> Can someone please tell me the correct command to get the sources so I
> can get a graphical system again?
> (1. I read the apt-get man page, but I didn't see anything that looked useful.
>  2. I trued using GRUB to boot into the old version of the system, but
> for some reason thae mouse no longer works, so it's pretty useless.)
sudo apt-get install linux-source

(or aptitude if you prefer that...) should drag in the source package 
for the latest version in your arch.

There's also linux-headers... which may serve the same purpose for the 
nVidia driver module.



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