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Greg Booth bootgr at
Mon Sep 3 13:55:39 UTC 2007

On 9/3/07, Nils Kassube <kassube at> wrote:
> Harold Hartley wrote:
> > I am running kubuntu with two nic cards.
> >
> > First,I have the eth0 running fine with my DSL connection which the
> > computer is assigned the ip address, not the DSL modem.
> >
> > Second, I have a eth1 that connects to a router(WRT54GL).
> > I am trying to get the router to talk to eth1, but seems like I'm not
> > doing something right.
> > Once I get the router talking to eth1 on the computer, then I need to
> > set it up so it can use the eth0 for the internet.
> > I do have iptables installed, but can see anything blocking it from
> > working.
> Could you be a bit more specific about your planned network design? Your
> Router has 2 interfaces ("internet" and internal switch connected to
> sockets "1" to "4" + WLAN). Which one do you want to connect to your
> eth1? In another mail in this thread you write about a packet radio
> gateway and a web server. Where do you intend to connect those? If you
> clarify these items, it is probably much easier to help you.
> Nils

Or there's Tomato ( ) which is a nice
simple one that DOES have some DMZ settings but I don't use them. Just
bringing up options.


The box said 'Requires Windows XP or better'. So I installed LINUX

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